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Re: Audi Kool-Aid, Pt. II (long)

In defense of 10v 90q's, mine has never let me down in the snow. Also, I do not
make a practice of drag racing BMW's. I'm sure if I did, I would be
disappointed. A quattro, or any AWD for that matter should give you some stern
warning about when you've gone to far. My car will understeer then oversteer
then both at once when I've been bad. Once I learned how to control it, it
became fun. Now I need new rear tires every 5,000 miles.

Matt & Jenai wrote:

> On 1/25/98 Avi writes:
> >Matt you are a brave man!!!!!!!!!!!!>
> Avi, before you enshrine me in the bravery hall of fame, I should disclose
> that I use Mobil1 synthetic ;-).
> >Now comes my point:
> >in the hands of an average +- every day driver, a Q will perform BETTER
> than
> >a car not equipped with AWD.....(most of us fit in this category)....
> >in a racing condition (none stock, high power) the article agrees that the
> >AWD is superior due it its ability to deliver power via 4 wheels.....
> >
> >Your thoughts.....>
>     Avi, I think it all comes down to how you define "perform."  (Unlike the
> phrase "improper sexual relationship,"  I believe there are at least a few
> reasonable meanings to the term perform.  That's my Clinton dig for the
> evening!).  My point in the Audi Kool-Aid thread and Tribune Review thread
> (late December) was that the quattro system does not mean your Audi will
> handle/perform better (be faster) than a good rwd car in the twisties in
> decent weather.  Now it seems to me that some listers are confusing that
> with how comfortable the car makes them feel behind the wheel when they
> drive aggressively - this is also a reasonable view of the term "perform."
>     IMHO, a quattro will feel more secure to an average driver (I include
> myself here) up to 8/10s.  This does not mean the car handles better.
> Frankly, I'm afraid of my car when it gets past that point.  QSHIPQ talks
> about the torsen hunting, etc. (I have an 89 200qw) I'm too freaked out to
> analyze what's going on when I push too hard - the car gets goofy.  In rwd
> cars I am able to keep pushing and the car communicates to me as the rear
> end starts to lose it.  I just don't get that communication from a q (type
> 44).  I'm sure guys like Eric (don't slam me too hard for being a bad
> driver) and Scott or Jeff can handle it - but I know Scott is a MUCH, MUCH,
> MUCH better driver than I.  And even with all their disagreements, he admits
> that Eric can drive a q.
>     I absolutely agree that with high hp, awd is the fastest way to fly.  I
> just think the list tends to exaggerate the benefits of awd when it comes to
> the realm of handling in comparison to competing cars (BMW).  Because a
> person feels more comfortable at speed in a q does not mean it performs
> better or that the other car is less stable.  It is a subjective feeling.
> Someone used to a rwd car may feel that the q is unstable b/c he is used to
> the signals being sent by a rwd vehicle.
> Just my worthless .02
> Matt Pfeffer 89 200qw - stage II
> P.S.  If it makes anyone feel any better, I think Gordon Haines suffers from
> an incredible lack of objectivity in his 325ix page where he states the awd
> bimmer will leave ANY car  in the snow - even the quattro (of course he
> chooses a 10 valve 90q with a torsen for the comparo.  130 hp and 3000lbs).
> What a joke!