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Re: FS: 1992 S4 $12k!!!!!

$12k? How many miles are on it?! Caution: if pc411 [http://www.pc411.com]
is correct, this person is either an attorney, or works in a law office.
Make your own judgement, but I would take everything they say with an
enormous grain of salt.

rbw@avs.com on 01/24/98 10:25:42 AM

To:   quattro
cc:    (bcc: Sean Ford/BOSTON/IDX1)
Subject:  FS: 1992 S4 $12k!!!!!

In todays Boston Globe:
1992 S4, Green, excellent condition, oil change every 4k, $12000
I just called this guy, and is actually selling this car for $12. He said
accidents, no problems, sounded like an Audi guy, I can't believe he's
selling this car for $12k. I would call this guy ASAP if you want the car.
In fact, who wants to buy my 1991 200Q?
Rob Winchell
91 200Q