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Ur-Q, and in love.

I spent Sunday up in Angeles Crest in my Ur-Q.
What a sweetheart. Yes it is very rough and primitive compared to my
other Audi's,
but it hasd a immediacy all of it's own that I think is addicting.

I went over to Paul Timmermans house Sunday afternoon after the crest
ride, and he installed his Shrapnel Knobchen and computer mods.

Holy S..... I thought this car was reasonably quick. Excuse me. This has
put this car into the league of my 20V wagon, except for deep low end,
and the lack there of.

I can heartedly recommend this mod to anyone with a 10V Ur-Q (82-85).

I will have the inner lip of the rear Fender wells rolled, as there is
some rubbing on the Yokahamas with the Simmons Wheels.

Hmm.,Hmmm., Good.
Paul Rivera
83 Ur-Q
91 200 TQW
93 S4
94 S4