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Re: Re: '87 5KTQ performance trouble

1/26/98 7:24 AM kwessel@enm.maine.edu

>> Pressure regulator.  There doesn't seem to be any problem with idle.
>> Thanks for the input on what is considered 'normal'.  I might be
>> expecting to much.  Do the automatic turbos load the turbo better?  I
>> had one and it ran 1.4 bar most of the time.  Oh well.
>> Colin 
>> 87 5KTQ
>FWIW, I can _always_ hit 1.4 bar in all five gears in my stock '87
>5KCSTQ.  But, I've heard that for some reason not all cars achieve 

Actually a Auto tranny has the advantage here.  Boost never drops once 
it's built up.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ with WAY too many toys.....

According to Einstein, the faster you go, the longer you live.

St. Louis, MO