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help--overheated 86CGT

My 1986 Coupe GT overheated on the way to the university this morning.
When I arrived, I noticed steam coming out from the left-front side of the
hood.  When I stopped and turned off the engine, steam was pouring out.

I opened the hood and noticed coolant was coming out from the expansion
tank but didn't seem especially hot.  The temp gage was in the normal
range.  After sitting there for 30min, I started it up and the temp. gage
immediately read "HOT", but no rad. fan.  I shorted out the radiator fan
thermoswitch and the radiator fan came on but didn't seem to have much of
an effect on the temperature (I didn't leave the engine running long since
it was so hot).

Is it possible that the water pump is bad?  It is on the timing belt, so
it must still be turning.  I will short out the rad. fan thermoswitch
after it cools down and try idling it and see what happens.

BTW, Yesterday I was working on the car but only changed the oil,
tranmission oil, and spark plugs.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated...


Jeff Blanchard