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5ktq CC Blower

Yesterday I finaly replaced my CC blower using the procedure written first by
Steadric, and ammended by Al Powell and Frank Bauer. Many thanks to all three
of you.

One minor detail I wish to add to this is that a bit of silicone spray on the
plastic housing of the motor works wonders in getting the motor to slide home
when installing.

I too found no steak knife was required. Thanks again to all who put this
procedure together!

Now for my question: The vacuum tee/check valve that feeds the diff locks and
CC vacuum reservoir needs to be replaced...it was broken at the tee to the
diff locks and I destroyed it the rest of the way yesterday...hence no vacuum,
no diff locks, and CC in defrost mode. I ordered said part from Linda today. I
am wondering how it attaches to the semi-rigid tube leading (I believe) to the
vacuum reservoir...it appears to be a heat shrink fit...is this the case? Any
BTDT would be much appreceated!

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (finaly a reliable CC blower...in defrost only for now)