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Re: Looking for Radar Detector Info

No K40 data. Bought a V1 a few weeks back. Don't know how I ever did without
it. The directional information is absolutely invaluable! Performance is VERY
good. I would never buy anything else (of what's currently on the market).
Concealed display unit is great, too. My .02.


Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:

> >From a buddy...can someone help here?:
> Royal -
> Check with your Q-listers and see if there is any information about the K40
>  detector. In particular, the undetectable model
> with laser capability. A guy on the FireHawk list mentioned it, there is
> some, but not a lot of info on the web about it
> (that I've been able to find.) See if anyone knows of an independent
> head-to-head test of K40 vs. Valentine 1.
> Thanks.
> - Dorr