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re: 91 200 TQ Brakes (UFOs)

I can add a data point.  I bought my car with 11K miles and UFOs.  I
replaced the front pads at 60K with OEM.  I now have 78K of mountains, high
speeds, slush, snow, etc.  I tend to rely on engine braking a lot on grades
and approaching stop lights, so my brakes are certainly not abused.  UFO
brakes still stop true, straight and smooth.  I guess there were good and
bad rotors made.  

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q

>Sarge wrote:
><<  (snip) 
>Oh, when I bought my car, the previous owner had installed *NEW* UFO
>calipers, rotors and pads 15k miles before my purchase. They were *not*
>warped when I bought it. I got only 2k miles or so out of them. Yes,
>they are like anchors, stopping feel is nice, very nice. But they are
>fragile as all hell. Not a commendable charactarisitic for BRAKES.>>
Chris Miller replied...
>Don't mean to fully defend the UFOs, yes, they're somewhat fragile, but they
>do work very well.  I find that my normal cool down for the turbo (i.e., don't
>work the turbo hard then shut down) works for the brakes as well; I run hard
>on the way to work or wherever, then drive calmly for a bit before shut down.
>No problems so far.  However, I would consider the "upgrade" swap should I
>need new rotors, pads and calipers!  Pricewise, probably pretty similar.
>Anyone bought rotors or calipers recently?  I'd guess the rotors are around
>$250 each, and calipers are anyone's guess, probably similar.