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Re: 91 200TQ Brakes

I agree with Sarge that Audi dropped the ball on the UFOs. Actually, they
didn't have a firm grasp on the ball to begin with. The engineering was
flawed (ball not grasped firmly) and Audi refused to do the right thing by
replacing them whenever they went bad (dropped the ball). I purchased my
car under warranty (Audi disAdvantage), with warped rotors. All they were
willing to do was replace the rotors. I've only put about 10k miles on the
car and thus far the rotors haven't warped. However, that isn't to say
that they won't (prolly will), and I shouldn't have to treat my brakes the
way one treats a turbo! For a company that was slammed, albeit wrongfully,
for a brake related problem, you'd think they would have been falling all
over themselves to make customers happy. 
OTOH, the weight unsprung or otherwise of the UFO system is not
significantly higher that the "normal" brakes, if memory serves. I'm too lazy to
check the archives, but I believe the heavier business was shown to be
purely anecdotal.

91 200q