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'87 5kTQ Heater Core, Part IV (kinda long)

Hi gang,

Looks like my search for a new blower motor is over for now.  My theory
that the older '80-83 5000 blower motors would be in better shape than '84
on with climate controls has some validity.  Went Saturday to one of my
favorite pick 'n' pull yards (E&H U-pull-it in San Jose) and found '83 5000
to work on.  BTW after loosening the locking strap, its easier to lever out
the heater assembly by sticking a 2 ft breaker bar into the recess just
behind the motor housing and lever against the firewall.  The whole
assembly will then lift up with steady pressure.  Once the assembly is
tilted up, you can remove the 3 screws that hold on the blower duct, pop
the circlip on the motor and push the motor right out the side.

To my amazement and delight, the brushes in that motor looked brand new
with very little brush dust like I saw in old motor.  In fact this motor
was not made by Bosch at all.  It was mfg'd by AEG.  I had the fortunate
opportunity to compare this motor with the motor from a '85 5000 (that had
the front end already torn off) and the physical dimensions where exactly
the same along with the air vent and wire connections.  The 85's motor was,
as I suspected, junk-brushes nearly gone, wire shunt at the end of its
travel, and covered in dirty brown "brush dust". 
Paid $10 (!) for the motor and quickly took my "treasure" home.  When I
hooked the '83 motor to my 4kq's battery, the motor nearly spun out of my
hand from the torque startup and ran true and powerful. Had to do some
maitenance stuff on the 4kq so I put the motor aside till Sunday.  On
Sunday, re-assembled the heater box with the new used motor and fired it up
again.  Boy, the air was exiting the center outlet with hurricane force :-))

So if you're in a pinch, or hate to spend money, or enjoy a challenge to
replacing your A/C blower motor, try one from a '80-'83 5000.  Of course,
YMMV, but look for the white cap where the harness plugs into the motor
instead of the Bosch made black cap.




Tony Lum						1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro
Berkeley, California, U.S.A.                	1985 4000CS Quattro
Audi Owner/Driver/Mechanic by Necessity ;^)	1980 5000S  Sedan