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re: actual top speeds

Soon after I got it, I had my 91-200-q up to 150 *indicated* and back on a 
2-mile straight stop-to-stop country road near my house.

For comparison, (all speeds indicated) my GTI 16v will get up to a little over 
100 on this road (no turbo, it's 4700' here). Dad's Eclipse GSX wouldn't do 
more than 120 (that's with a turbo, but it just *feels* like a wussy car, 
barely faster than my GTI). Haven't tried his 944T there since he got it back 
with toys, but out on the not-empty-enough interstate that car would zap up to 
140 pretty quick - are P-car speedos famed for their optimism? Think I heard 
that somewhere.

Who wants to help me buy a GPS and head 100 miles north to the Montanabahn?

If you ask me which car I want to take skiing, I say: my quattro with hakkas!

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 82k, it'll go 0-150-0 with two other people aboard too on 
that same road
1988 GTI 16v, 173k, umm, still the fuel economy champ and only car I own with 6 
forward gears, so there