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'Took' '87 Audi, 5000s, Palm Harbor, Fl. (long message)

After reading the responses I'm just as confused but leaning towards keeping my car.  Some answers:

'87 Audi 5000s

I'm in Palm Harbor, Fl.  about 5mi North of Clearwater.

I like the car overall, I feel really good driving it and I wished I didn't have to get rid of it.

The body looks really good except for the paint is very dull.  It is starting to chip a bit and the paint beneath looks real shiny (weird).  The interior is nice - decent.  

No, I don't have a husband, boyfriend or male friend (that is, a male friend who works on cars, most of my male friends are computer geeks, clean hands)

Yes, I can use super glue, use a wrench, twist wires and yes, I have an emory board.  I can take one thing at a time - I'll ask a lot of questions, probably dumb ones - so if this group is really up for it...

Yes, I'll take the radio - it will help drown out the loud muffler or is it the engine I'm hearing..(rumble, rumble)

One thing at a time:

First question:  What do I fix first?  As much as I want the not-so-important stuff fixed first (doors, windows, air...) - I suppose I should make sure I'm not running it ill and break something major.

I'll print all the messages out for the easy things: checking wires & fuses for lights & such.

What about the transmission needing to be drained.  I took it to 'Lube&Lather', they told me the transmission fluid was burned and I needed it drained.  They charge $89, the dealer charges $69.  I'd be willing to pay $69.  I don't think I could do this task.  How important is this?  Am I causing the car more harm each day that goes by?

I'd like to replace the muffler first - the noise is getting on my nerves, I think it's the muffler causing this noise but the vibration feels more toward the front of the car.  If I take it to somewhere like Midas how will I know if I need a new muffler or a whole new system before I go?  If I just need a new muffler - is it easy?  Can I do it myself?

When I took the door panel off I was able to hook some 'wire stick looking thing' (okay guys stop laughing) that had a hole in it to a latch - now I can open my door with my key.  I mean I stick the key in, turn it and the door actually physically pops open.  I know this is not right but at least I can get in.  There were two of those wires.  I left the other unhooked because it didn't seem to fix anything.  The front side passenger door didn't work when I tried the same fix.  Before, I could open it from inside - now it isn't opening - going to try again.  I took the back door apart to see just how those 'wire sticks' are supposed to be  hooked up but I couldn't see it well enough.  Also, I saw the window regulator thing - I saw how this wire was cut or broken off and I saw how or where it was supposed to go - I bet I could do this 'bicycle wire fix'.  

When I make a turn, I'm hearing a clicking noise up by the front tires.  The steering is starting to get kind of hard.  

When I'm driving, it doesn't have a lot of pick up at first.  Once I get to the speed I need to go - it is fine.  Also, if I'm cruising and let off the gas, it seems to have a stall.

I think I can..I think I can...  

Thanks for everyone's response and time

Thanks for the long message C1J1.

Armstead, Brian
A tree branch holding up 
the window?  I think I would go back and shove it up his ... 
	I thought about it

Paul Heneghan
3) Drive it as it is now for a couple of years fixing only essential safety 
related things (doing without windows, air con. etc.)
	Gotta have air in Florida

Sounds like you have a 5000 with everything that can possibly go wrong except the sterring pump & rack. My advice ( for what it's worth), dump it.
	What is the steering pump & rack?

(I'm going to put that in 'my' archives for future reference ; ).
	I would never....

Johann Pahlmann
I'll tell you what, I have a spare original Audi stereo that I'll donate to
the cause if you like, it's not doing me any good taking up space.  
	I'll take it!!

Aleksander Mierzwa
And at least you know you have new head gasket, water pump (I hope they changed the timing belt as well), valves etc. I'd keep the car.
	Yes, timing belt changed - I think I will.

Whoever stuck the stick inside the doorframe was trying to avoid the fact that they had to replace the window regulator, and you got the short end of that stick.

Huw Powell
Now, just to make me feel less of a fool, this laundry list of
everything that can go wrong except the rack leaking and bomb not
working (never mind...) with an Audi, this isn't a hoax, right?
	Gee Huw, thanks for the communication, are you divorced? ;-)
	I bought it because it 'looked good' and, like most women, I
	like looking good and I have this disease called 'trusting people'.
	I didn't think it would take much to fix lights, windows... AND,
	when I bought it, it purred.