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Re:re:re:interference fit...& G60 Twin-pot caliper question

Hi all!

The last time I posted a message I was talking about something like
acceleration, crank throws, the angular velocity of the crankshaft, etc.

Glen powell wrote: (In a message entitled "My Head's Got Interference
Fit"  - good one, ya kill me! ;-) )


Now we all know what can when you mumble things...or when
you write things when you're a little unsure of what you're talking about
:-), but could someone tell me what this acronym means?  I've come up
with a couple of possibilities....but...

I think the point that I was trying to make (yeah, badly written) was that
when you talk about the forces felt by the conrods as the crankshaft
rotates at a constant angular velocity, you are idealizing things.   Others
have posted the equations for the motion of the reciprocating assembly,
and they are fine.   I guess I was asking the question: Especially on, say,
a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, the angular velocity of the crankshaft
itself is not _anywhere near_ constant as the engine goes through the
4-stroke cycle?  The more cylinders the engine has, the more constant
(smooth) it will be?  That's it, that's all, I'm not arguing that the
zero-velocity point at TDC and BDC aren't points of maximum acceleration
as the piston speed passes thru 0, given the conrods' relationship to the
crankshaft.  That's obvious.

If I'm wrong about this, someone please tell me because it currently
makes sense to me that this is the case.  

Ok, enough of that....

Otherwise, what do a set of twin-piston calipers for a 5KTQ typically
cost?  I'd like to know because I found a set in a junkyard yesterday in
good shape and got them for $30 bucks total.

Best Wishes,