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quattro-digest V4 #1677

 Did the right mount on mine about a month ago. Same PITA. But, found it
much easier to just pull the mount bracket off of the block and remove the
whole mess. Mine was also seperated and totally trashed.
 I wish that had solved all of my problems. I still have "slow" boost build
and poor starting. Done all the conventional stuff. The only thing left for
the boost problem is the wastegate. The starting has everyone around here
scratching their heads. Maybe this weekend at steamboat I will get some
more "ideas". 
 Good Luck
   Ron Husak

essage text written by INTERNET:quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 16:50:42 -0500
From: Andrew Finney <afinney@tamsconsultants.com>
Subject: UrQ Right Side Motor Mount Replacement

After 5 hours of work on Saturday I completed the replacement
of my right side motor mount on my 1983 UrQ. Here are some
thoughts in no particular order.

Mount was totally trashed, rubber was rock hard and
shattered, most of the mount was completely missing. 

Engine was sitting almost 1 inch too low

Now the intercooler hose to throttle body insn't pinched

The top nut is almost impossible to reach and took 2 hours to
remove. The mount kept turning so I drilled an 1/8" hole in from
the bottom at a right angle to the top stud and drove in a
screwdriver. When I had the mount out I saw why it had
worked so well. I had pinned the inner steel suport to the outer

I removed the airbox, rf headlight assembly (euro), heat shield
and held the fuel distributor out of the way with some string.
Underneath required removal of the plastic oil cooler duct and
the oil cooler from the body, no big deal.

I can barely grasp a pensil my hands are so tired.

I went with Chris Semple's universal hydraulic mount that
works for almost any Audi application.

Engine doesn't cause cabin vibration at idle any more. Pulls
away from 1st much more smoothly, 5th gear easy to engage
(so far). It remains to be seen whether it will cure my strange
thunking with the diff's locked. I noticed a 5000 owner had this
problem as well. Only time will tell.


Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ