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Re: RS RC Ur-q, website

Eric Fletcher writes:
>I'm thinking that maybe somebody needs to make a mold of the body so all of us
>can have RC UrQ's!!  Think of it, then we can all start modding those cars

You just HAD to bring this one up, eh???  (I was waiting for an opening... ;-)

WAAAAAY back in the good-ole days of my middle-school years, I received that
lovely Radio Shack ur-quattro as a birthday present.  I enjoyed it for many
months, until one evening when our wunderbar dachshund took a liking to the
taste of its wiring harness (or a dislike to my other German "pet" that
was taking all my attention away from her).

For many years it sat in storage, as I experimented on other R/C cars...

<insert mad-scientist evil cackle here>

Until I had the brilliant idea of replacing all the Radio Shack electronics
with real R/C electronics.  I kept the motor, but added a Futaba pistol-grip
transmitter, receiver, miniature steering servo, 7.2v 1200mAh battery,
and a MOSFET electronic speed control.  The changes gave me better throttle
response, quicker steering response, greater range, and longer run times.

I still couldn't get the car over the gutter, though, so I grabbed that
old Grasshopper-with-monster-truck-tires and the urquattro body shell and...
well...you get the idea.   ;-)

'85 Coupe GT
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