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Re: Audi Kool-Aid, Pt. II (long)

On 1/26/98 you write:

>In defense of 10v 90q's, mine has never let me down in the snow. Also, I do
>make a practice of drag racing BMW's. I'm sure if I did, I would be

I didn't mean to disparage the 10v 90q.  I just found it ironic that a BMW
guy starts bragging that his car will beat "any" car in the snow including
the quattro and then he picks one of the slowest quattro configurations
available as representative of the quattro.  And by the way, the 168 hp BMW
with 15 inch wheels was only .2 sec. faster 0-20 than the 130 hp 90q with 14
inch wheels.

Matt Pfeffer - 89 200qw - stage II