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re: 91 200 TQ Brakes (UFOs)

i bought my v8 new and the UFOs warped after 25K miles of relatively
gentle driving (i.e. no track use).  fortunately at the time (1992) audi
was replacing entire front ends for free.  the car has 104K now and is
still on the original converted non-UFO front rotors/pads and the original
rear rotors, with only the rear pads replaced once.  talk about minimal
maintenence... (dealer told me rotors were fine and didn't need

i recently drove a v8 w/ UFOs and i was pleasantly surprised at how
much better the bite was but i don't think i would ever want the
UFO hassle despite the extra stopping power.

btw, i also have a corrado G60 and while its brakes are fabulous for a
2400 pound car, i think the front calipers are only single pot with a nice
and large 11 inch disc.  the G60 also had brake cooling ducts in the chin
spoiler that were later removed in the VR6 versions.  go figure!