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Need new Z-rated rubber recommendations

I have spent the last of the outer tread on my Comp T/A VR4s and am in
need of some BTDT type advice on some Z-rated replacement rubber. My
dillema is this: I drive up to go skiing in the winter to ski resorts
that are 150, 400 and 700 miles away, mostly by dry pavement. 98% of my
driving is on dry roads. Snow tires are not a worthwhile investment.
But, I don't want to deal with chains, and that means choosing suitable
all-season rubber. Performance is my foremost consideration, followed
closely by wear rating, then noise.

>From Discount, the following 225/50/16 tread patterns look meritorious:

 Nitto NT500Z All Season - $119
 BFG CompTA ZR4 - $144
 Dunlop SP Sport 4000 A/S - $99
 Michelin Pilot XGT Z4 - $165.
 Goodyear Eagle Gatorback - $131

Alternatively, the D40 M2 looks mighty attractive at $81 a pop.

Any advice/impressions would be much appreciated, as I have no
experience with any of the above tires. Recently I've used: Toyo Proxes,
Comp TA ZR (not ZR4), Comp TA VR4 (I want a Z, not V)

Thanks much in advance,


91 200q
86 5ktq