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Re: Boost Gauge

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998 LNUSLAD.FZNVKJ@gmeds.com wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good boost gauge for my 5kTC.  Where is a good place to
> buy a gauge.  Can someone set me up with the phone number for JAGS or Summit?
> Any recommendations/tips for mounting a gauge will be appreciated.  I guess
> that I basically need to know everything to buy for the installation: Gauge,
> hose, mounting bracket, etc.
> TIA,
> Eric Coulier
I bought mine from the local speed shop. VDO 2 1/8". $27.99- works great,
some might find the chrome bezel not to their liking. Includes bracket and
Installation: In my 5kt, I removed the coin holder from center of dash. I
ground (with help from Dremel tool) a small clearance in the metal behind.
Finished with a trim plate cut from a radio blank plate (any thin plastic
would do, but a DIN radio face is exactly the right size. Using a brass
hose barb (hardware store) I connected a vacuum hose through the firewall
and teed into an intake manifold line of similar diameter. Using a
Scotch-lok, I tapped the illumination wire to the passenger side seat
heater switch. Reinstalled all trim, and tried not to watch the gauge too
carefully in the higher reaches of boost. (When you get to 8 psi, you
better watch the road and the tach!)