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Re: Tranny drain/fill plugs location procedure, drain/fill

Caution, Will Robinson!  Before opening the tranny drain plugs, be *sure*
you can also open the fill plug.  It would be embarrassing to find yourself
with an empty tranny and no way to refill it.  :-)

At 06:14 PM 1/26/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Someone asked:
>> Could someone tell me where the tranny drain/fill plugs are on the 91
>200Q? I know there are 2 drain and 1 fill, I just don't know where.
>Here is the procedure I used to locate the drain and fill plugs on my
>1989 200TQ transmission. This is for US vehicles only. I don't know if
>it will work on UK Right Hand drive vehicles. Phil?
>Remove your car from the garage and mark the entire floor of the garage 
>lengthwise every one foot starting at the exit of the garage. (0ft, 1ft,
>2ft etc) At the 10 foot mark, make a special mark using tape on the
>garage floor. Drive the car back into the garage and stop with the rear
>bumper exactly at the 0 foot mark. (Use a helper to do this) Jack up the
>left side of the vehicle ~18 inches and place appropriate jack stands
>under the frame/body to safely support the vehicle so your body will fit
>underneath. (Note: Some bodies will need additional jacking.)

Rest of excellent instructions snipped.
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