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'89 200tq for sale in Baltimore

A fellow by the name of Mike Jones, depolom68@hotmail.com, is being forced
to part with his '89 200tq.
He says:
>> I'm selling it because I justed started at a new college and I need
>> money for tuition. It's the best car I've ever owned, and my third
>> Quattro. I wanted one for a very long time before I bought it. I love
>> it. I'm buying a motorcyle after I sell it, because I live in Florida
>> and can ride one all year round.

-A/C system has leak, though compressor is fine
-Passenger window switch is non-functional
-Knock sensor needs replacement, but is being replaced Monday.
-some paint chips on front of hood

red with black leather, 116k miles.
I don't recall asking price, but it seemed reasonable at the time :)

Email him directly.  Also, could be mistaken on location...Baltimore is
where I think it might be now.


Brett Dikeman
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