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Re: vents(?) on back shelf of 5000's

frankbauer@thevine.net wrote:
> brett sez:
> >Ok, there are about 4 vents(or what look like vents) right at the bottom of
> >the rear window...they are built in to that funny plywood(?) shelf with the
> >"black astroturf" that's impossible to clean :)
> >Are these supposed to have any function?  Looks like they might allow air
> >in the trunk to circulate with air in the passenger compartment.  Whatever
> >they are, Audi obviously had a reason for putting them there...they're not
> >decorational.
> >Does anyone know what the heck they are?
> the vent for the pass compartment into the trunk allows air to escape
> through the flaps hidden under the bumper skins behind the rear wheel
> wells.  this is for ventilation and allows you to close the last door
> without popping an eardrum.
> i found this when trying to locate an annoying rattle i heard when
> closing the door.  turns out it was the flap coming back to rest.
> must move a fair amount of air...

The 4k cars have no parcel shelf vents, nor any vents into/out of the
trunk. I wish they did, then I wouldn't have to close the trunk
super-mega-slow to keep from damaging my shelf-mounted Pioneers . . .

'87 4kq, no vent, "tender" speakers
'86 4ks, stock tunes--who cares???
'64 Falcon Sprint conv, lotsa venting