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Snow & Ice 98 TSD Rally

Hello All,

Feb 7th 1998 is approaching fast and so far there are 5 Quattros signed
up for the fun slippin' and slidin' on some of the prettiest roads/back
roads in NH. This is a great TSD Rally in which to experience the
Quattro Advantage and have a great time.

Although it is not quite as "fast" as the recent Apple Hill Rallysprint
(avrg. speed @ 26MPH - driving against the clock on a windy snow and ice
cover track) the challenge of good teamwork and driving skills is
definately there and alot of FUN.

You can find the registration form at:


A description of the TSD Rally can be found at:


So . . . come on up to Bow NH . . . see ya,

Bob W.