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Funky Voltage Reading from Climate Control

Curiosity killed the cat....Satisfaction brought it back.

In cold weather (generally below 20 degrees F) when I go to "Channel 11" on
the climate control for a voltage readout, the readout indicates a solid,
unchanging 12.0v.  The gauge on the dash tells me that I am really at about
13.5v and I do not appear to be draining the battery.  A recent trip of
over 200 miles running the lights, seat heater, and defrost did not
deteriorate the cranking power of the battery (restarted cold at 4 degrees
below zero....Vermont...go figure).  At some point, the reading comes back
on the climate control....when the outside air is warmer or the car is
sitting in traffic for awhile...and reads a normally fluctuating 13.4v to
14.0v depending upon any number of variables.  Anyone else experience
this...impending doom of some kind?  ....or just more Audi fun?

Paul Royal
90-90Q"Rings of Torture"20v

"The joy of living is his who has the heart to demand it"
     -Theodore Roosevelt, 1916