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Re: 1989 Audi 90 Q thrust bearing.

My father, my sister, and I all drive a 10v 90quattros. Each one of our cars has gone
through 1-2 starters since we bought these cars. It is however, the same starter as a 5000
series. I have done a clutch on a 4kq, which must be similar, it was very time consuming
removing the trans but not entirely difficult.

Anthony Attard wrote:

> Good morning Audi fans.
> I have a couple of questions that I hope some one on the list could help me with.
> 1.  I may have to replace the clutch throw-out bearing on my 89 Audi 90 Q, so I was
> wondering if there is anyone on the list that has replaced a clutch on a quattro.
> How difficult it is, or is there  something I should watch out for, or simply have the
> job done by somebody else.
> 2.  Also, did the model 80 and 90 quattros have trouble with their starter motors??
> The clutch throw-out bearing noise I am hearing could be the gear at the end of the
> starter has come loose and it is touching the ring gear.   I would real appreciate
> some feedback.   Thanks all .  Your suggestion/hints are truly appreciated.
> Tony .    1983 Audi Q Turbo
>                1986  4000 CS Q
>                1989 Audi 90 Q