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Re: Traveling to Europe with your Car

In a message dated 98-01-26 20:05:56 EST, coolidge@tidalwave.net writes:

<<  Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone were familiar with the
 process, or how much it might cost. I can only dream of driving on the
 Autobahn in my Corrado at 150mph or going to Tec in Germany for fitment of
 a Syncro AWD system and 2.9L engine block to my Jetta or Corrado. 
 	Later-G >>
Shipping costs to and from Europe can run up to $1500 each way, depending on
size and weight of vehicle, insurance costs, crating (if you don't want ding
'n dents), and speed of delivery, customs costs, etc.

The only way to justify spending that much $$$$ is length of stay. If you're
going to be in Europe for more than a couple of months it might make sense.

More sensible for a short stay is to rent the car you want to drive. An A4
1.8T can be had for approx. $400/week, top speed 130+. A Porsche 911 can be
had for $250/day,
top speed >150.  Almost as much fun is a VW Golf top speed 115+, $199/week.

There are fewer and fewer places on the Autobahn where you can go flat out for
miles on end due to increasing congestion. 

If you're going to Europe, enjoy your stay, save your money and rent cheap. If
you want high speed fun, take your car and drive to MONTANA- no speed limits,
a lot closer and waaayyyy cheaper.
Mike Torio