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back from Japan, saw the damage, its definitly totalled.

A little follow on to "another one bites the dust".

I am back from Japan and saw my (ex) Tornado red 200 qw. At first
glance, it doesn't look too bad, but on closer inspection, things
start to look a little serious. The impact was at about 45 deg, directly
in the middle of the bumper. The front cross member is pushed back about a 
foot, which means the intercooler is kinda wrapped around the engine.
Both euro headlight completly gone. Windshield cracked, Right fender
buckled.  Passenger door won't open. The repair estimate was - get this,
$13,700.  So they have totalled the car.

I can buy it back for $1000, but I am not sure what I would do with it then.
I don't have a yard, or even much garage space for parts. 

So I am in the hunt for a new one. I called about the one in autoweek Sunday
morning, but I was too late - it sold sunday afternoon. I have found leads
on a few more, but they are either light blue metallic - which I can't stand,
or overpriced. 


ex 200 qw