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RE: help--overheated 86CGT/THANKS

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, Ed Kellock wrote:

> The problem was really quite simple...
> The cap was replaced incorrectly, allowing fluid to escape when it got
> hot, causing steam, etc.  Then when the car was allowed to cool for 30
> mins and restarted, the coolant level was too low, and the digital
> dash's temp gauge did what it was designed to do to tell you to check
> coolant level.  It flashes the full hot reading.  Check the owner's
> manual to verify that this is the proper function.

Many thanks to all the people who helped me out on this one.

I believe this is exactly what happened.  I was really worried at first
since having steam pouring out from around the hood looks very serious.
Having the temp. gage show "HOT" after I tried to restart it only made me
worry more.  I figured it out after I came back several hours and
restarted it, only to have it tell me that the engine was terribly
overheated, which doesn't make since.  The minimum coolant level mark is
near the top of the bottle, so coolant may be low even though it looks
quite full. 

Jeff Blancahrd