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carbon fibre driveshafts

I really am no expert but from my dim and distant angling days I can remember 
the following. My 11m pole (please, please refrain) bought c 1987 used to bend
at least half a metre from end to end, I am sure that technology has advanced
since then and fishing poles are now stiffer, lighter and of thinner diameter, 
wall thickness and so on, the point is that carbon shafts are flexible, is the 
term resilient? Anyhow, I used to be a bit of a keen angler and I remember that 
depending on the weave of the carbon cloth (and components of other fibres such 
as kevlar) different characteristics could be imparted to the resulting tube 
(pole in the case of angling or sheet or whatever in the case of other 
applications) Could not a tube be manufactured that was resilient with respect 
to twisting?? 

>carbon fibre (when properly applied and cured) is
>immensely stong in twist and compression.

does this mean that it is always strong with respect to twist and compression,
_or_ that it is possible (but not necesarily essential) to apply it such that 
these characteristics are obtained?

Would not a shaft made up with threads perpendicular to the direction of 
rotation allow a shaft so constructed to wind up?

Waiting to be set right about the use of the term resilient and carbon fibre 
laying up.

ho hum...