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Correct fluids (commonly available?)

I've got some kind of slow leak in the power steering system in my '85 5ks,
and I need to add some fluid, Haynes says to use "VW/'Audi hydraulic oil
part No AOE 041 020 10 or ARAL hydraulic oil 1010".  I went to the local
auto store, and found nothing that had either of these numbers on it, is it
okay to use the more generic power steering fluids, or do I need to go to
the dealership to get the right stuff?

Also, I noticed some other types of power steering fluid that are supposedly
"leak-stop" products.  I'm wary of putting foreign substances into my car,
but I've known people to have success with similar producs in the cooling
system.  Does anyone have experience using these products to stop leaks in
the power steering system?  Thanks in advance for any advice!