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carbon fibre driveshafts

In message <01BD2AFE.1FD73820@gpowell.acacianet.com> glen powell writes:

> Personally, I found the original claim to be not credible.
> Sounds like an old-wife's tale, IMFO.

I have no way of verifying it.

I _know_ there was no centre differential on the 1995 BTCC A4Q - I spent quite 
a long time underneath it (see page 15 of May 1997 UK magazine) studying the 
suspension components.  Swaybars with aerofoil cross-sections?

I _know_ the 1996 propshaft was around six pounds and of large diameter - along 
with around 20 other club members, I've held one and tossed it around on the 
workshop day that Audi Sport were so kind as to invite us all to.
On the subject of windup - and especially a whole revolution in something only 
four feet long or so - you'll have to take my word that this is what Nigel 
Walker of Audi Sport told us.  The parts aren't in the photographs (in the 
magazine) because Nigel specifically requested us _not_ to take pictures of
any transmission components.

There are lots of concommitant questions; e.g., if it twists that much, how do 
they keep it straight?  It seemed perfectly stiff to me - but were we just 
handling the outer shell?  Lots of questions like this were asked (as Helen 
Pearce says in her article on the visis) afterwards at lunch.  I think we were 
all as confused when we left as when we arrived.  

Lots of things with carbon fibre reinforcement flex in various ways.  They make 
fishing rods out of the stuff, for heavens' sake.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club