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Re: Syntec]

In a message dated 98-01-27 15:11:41 EST, you write:

<< SOUTHERLIN wrote:
 > Most all of them used a quart in about 1500-3000 miles (before and after
 > Syntec) except for the current 90 Aerostar which is the first vehicle I
 > ever owned that uses no oil whatsoever.
 > Russ
 > 87 5KCSTQ
 Is that finest vehicle ever???? Or in reference to oil consumption only? Just
 curious you know, this being an Audi enthusiast that does not fully
 minivans. >>

Yes in oil comsumption only is it the finest vehicle.  I concur with your
sentiment toward minivans. They are dangerous projectiles in the hands of
housewifes that will let noting get in the way of them finding a close parking
spot at the next sale.

I actually tell my wife I do not like to ride in the minivan (lets take the
Audi) because I do not want anyone to see me riding in a minivan!!!!