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clearcoats(or lack thereof?)

In a message dated 1/27/98 Brett Dikeman <brett@arthur.malebolge.com> asks:

<< I was under the impression that my 87 5kCST didn't have a clearcoat(paint
is Alpine White) >> <snip>

It shouldn't...

<< However, our insurance inspector _and_ the guy from the body shop(which is
excellent) are convinced otherwise. >>

I believe them to be wrong too...

<< Can someone nail this down for me with some hard info?  I thought Audi
didn't start with clearcoats(excepting Pearl) until several years later. >>

Yup...for your "hard info", 4 out of the 7 Audis I have owned were Alpine
White. Two since brand new...and both of those had bodywork done (don't
ask...). I have factory touch up paint kits for Alpine White and Nautic Blue
colors (my current 5kcstq and past 5kcstqwagon). Nautic Blue is clearcoated
and comes with clearcoat in the factory touch up kit...Alpine White does not.
All metalic colors were clearcoated back then, and maybe some solid
colors...but not Alpine White. HTH

Mike Veglia