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HELP: Wheel/tire damage?

My "good friend" wanted to drive my A4 wagon so I let
him. Well, he took this turn way to sharp at about 25
mph and tagged the curb. We pulled over and my rear
wheel got scraped up pretty bad-about 2" of sheared
lip. The tire also got gouged out-lower sidewall near
the rim. 

I crazy-glued the tire piece back to protect the thin
sidewall. The tire is still holding pressure (no air
was lost) but there is a slight pull to the right at
freeway speeds. Also, on high speed/g turns, the
right rear seems to be a little unsettled (but it
could just be wet roads and my paranoia). 

What do y'all recommend? Get the wheel balanced?
Should I have the suspension looked at?

What's scary is my friend is a CARDIOLOGIST. Man,
can't even drive right--wonder how well he does
putting in pacemakers! What pisses me off is my
*brand new* car is now significantly blemished.

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