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Re: Torsen + snow

> Every single run he made he beached the car big time.  Took a truck and a
> tow rope (Bob Wientraubs' Range Rover) to get him out.  

What was impressive was the RR pulling out the car AND the
4wd truck...

> So how slick was it?   Well if Perf Car did a test at this track on this
> day they'd have something different to write about.  Or not.

Track is used loosely here - cow pasture is more like it.
>  All the cars FWD, RWD and AWD went off the course and into the snow banks.

Clarification - at least one of every type went off and got stuck,
including a couple of Rally 5ktqs.  I drove so cautiously
(especially on my 2nd and last run) that going off was never a
possibility :)

The CQ with Dunlop Graspics performed flawlessly though - traction
was never an issue.  Interestingly, I had to stop on the way up
to dig out a fellow with the same car, sporting 16" PZeros (and
worn, at that!) who tried to turn around on the side of the
road.  It took two people pushing and a large shovel to get
him out.

Great track for a beater car but not for a "nice" car.
No way.

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