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Re: Conrod force/acceleration

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998 01:48:23 +0000, you wrote:

>Come again? Is there not a point in time where acceleration and velocity
>are zero? I certainly think so. When there is no velocity, there is no
>acceleration. Acceleration can be zero while velocity is constant, but if
>velocity = 0, acceleration = 0; acceleration is nothing more than the rate
>of change in velocity. At TDC velocity is zero, and therefore acceleration
>is zero, too. Yet the engine is most definitely running.

Wrong again.

Even if you do not understand the physics, you must be able to see the
Acceleration = velocity change over time.
No acceleration = no velocity change.
No velocity change = constant velocity.
Constant zero velocity = engine not turning at all.

Another lister have used the example of a ball throwed up in the air.
From the time the ball leaves your hand until it hits the ground,
acceleration is constant 1g (downwards), even though the ball moves
upwards, stops, and then moves downwards. This also proves that
velocity can be zero without acceleration being zero.

Allan Olesen, Denmark

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