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Re: Traveling to Europe with your Car (Montana Speed limit)

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From: MCTXR4 <MCTXR4@aol.com>
>If you're going to Europe, enjoy your stay, save your money and rent cheap.
>you want high speed fun, take your car and drive to MONTANA- no speed
>a lot closer and waaayyyy cheaper.

Montana does have a speed limit, contrary to popular belief. The signs say
"reasonable and prudent". The state patrol does not consider driving 100+ to
be "reasonable and prudent". I understand form the locals that driving much
over 85 with children in the car is not "reasonable and prudent".  In
December, they caught a guy in a Stealth doing 137 - I did not hear what the
fine was. There are billboard signs outside Missoula and Great Falls that
say "Whoa, Dude - there is a speed limit". The general traffic flow is about
80 - 85 on I-90 from Idaho to Missoula and on I-15 around Great Falls. Speed
limit at night is 65 on the Interstate and 55 on other roads. VERY strictly
enforced.  On a narrow two lane country road (nice twisties, no shoulder,
hilly), I came up behind a county cop doing about 65. I was doing about 80
and I was not about to pass him as I figured he thought he was driving
"prudently". The same type roads here in Wash. St usually have a 35 mph
limit on them so 65 was still plenty fast.

mike miller
91 200q