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Re: Boost Guage Accuracy

> Scott Mo. wrote:
> Douglas,
> > The latest discussion is w.r.t Colin Hames' problem. Once again,
> > it's asserted that the guage is inaccurate. Ok. But where is the
> > problem?

> There is a uP/controller in the dash assembly (dash computer) that is
> used to convert and display this analog boost signal on the LCD. The
> response of this display is VERY slow. You can change the analog > > voltage input to the display and it takes several seconds before it > > changes to the correct value. 

I am working through my 5KCSQ performance issues.  Based on your
feedback, I think I will go buy a simple mechanical gauge to verify if I
even have a problem with boost.  Is 6 psi correct for stock?  Thanks for
the info.

'87 5KCSQ

> > Does anyone know of an ideal pressure transducer for this
> > application? If not, I guess I'll have to dig out the latest DigKey
> > catalog and get to work...
> Motorola MPX4250 0-250kPa, absolute, designed specifically for turbo
> charged vehicles.$20-35 depending on quantities and package style
> selected.
> Scott Mo.