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Rothenburg Extraction. The Saga Continues

Hi All!

Thanks to all who confirmed that I would need to disrobe part of my
'885KTQ's console to access  the very-difficult-to-reach rear mounting
bolt.  Must be an undocumented anti-theft measure :-(

Back up to beginning.  When I acquired the car all worked well except
for the 10-speaker stereo.  RR deck speaker worked sporadically, but
usually emitted annoying static.  LF dash and door speakers were
silent.  LR and RF arrays worked fine.

Step 1. Checked LF dash speaker -- wasn't there!  Pulled the other
side's speaker and hooked up, but still no sound.  Haven't pulled door
panel to see if THOSE two are missing.

Step 2. Replaced head unit after much effort.  Same problems.

OK.  At this point I have reasonably concluded thus:

1. I need a new rear *booster*.  The static aint the speaker -- I've
substituted and confirmed.  Or should/could I bypass the thing
completely?  Seems it has a built in crossover as well as a puny amp, so
would prefer just to fix/replace it.  Anyone got one?  Please reply

2. I assume that somewhere between the head and the LF array something
is un-hooked or defective.  Crossover?  OK.  Where the Freak'n Fred IS
IT?  I have remove more driver-side fascia/carpet, airduct than I will
ever get properly back on.  I have been dumbstruck at the incredible
volume of neatly taped and routed electronic viscera that lives under
the dash and behind the footwell.

Recap:  Will keep Rothenburg--want to restore system to factory spec.

Definitely need a new rear booster.

Am up in the air on what to do about restoring continuity between the
radio and the LF speakers.

Oh!  What's the easiest antenna fix?  Can the semi-impotent OEM be
coaxed back into full extension or is there a better replacement?

The ball is in your court, fellow VW love/haters.  Looking forward to
many constructive returns!


Paul Kuettel
Nothing Better to Do in Minnesota -- '885KTQ with plenty of snow for
visceral entertainment, but missing the AUDIO stimulation!

PS. Among the many surprises I found whilst disrobing the fascia was a
contoller mounted to the under-steering shroud.  Could not for life of
me figger what it was for, despite poring over Bentleys I and II. 
Wasn't sure if I could drive the thing without this magic box, labelled
*GR Steuerung Apparat* or something.  Finally drew on some long dormant
translation brain cells and realized that it was the cruise control
controller.  Thus assured, I have been driving my naked car (reminds me
of the Revell Model *Visible Man* I built as a kid) while awaiting the
solution to the Rothenburg Affair.