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Re: bypass valve presure openings


Regarding your Bypass valve installation:
You said:
> At present time I am using the 102 valve, it does not hold enough
> boost, pops open at 9 PSI all the time, do you know if the expensive
> valve 101 can handle more pressure?
> In the meantime I have the connections reversed, turbo out goes to
> side outlet not across from the vacuum provision (as it should be), in
> this way the valve holds more boost....

According to the cut-away diagram in the Audi factory service training
booklet, "The New 20V Turbo engine for the Audi 200 Quattro" the Turbo
Bypass valve is shown connected  to the Turbo outlet (boost) using the
side outlet which is perpendicular (90 degrees) to the small vacuum
connection. The diagram shows that the boost pressure "should" help keep
the valve closed. The fitting straight across from the small vacuum
fitting should be connected to the turbo inlet (suction). The  spring
inside the Bypass valve is shown to hold the valve closed against the
suction side.

Do you know if the Bosch 0 280 142 102 valve you are using has the
fittings arranged the same way as the stock 1991 200TQ 20V Turbo valve?
(0 280 142 106 I think)

Scott Mo.