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carbon fibre driveshafts -Forwarded -Forwarded

In message <s4ce10df.099@SMTPGW.MITSUICOMTEK.COM> Derek Daily writes:

> I'm forwarding this from someone who works intensively in the
> "composites" arena.  I apologize for the minor personal BW at top
> but...


> My question:  Is it possible that reduced wind-up really be what
> we're looking for here?  I.e. direct and immediate power and torque
> transfer to the wheels...in which case torsionally rigid driveshafts
> would have a major advantage?


It's occured to me (and it occured to the group that questioned the Audi team 
manager) that a cylinder is just about the most torsionally _stable_ shape.  We 
have a clock here that has a torsional pendulum - it's a flat steel ribbon 
about 8" long with a weight swinging on the bottom controlling an escapement at 
the top.  Moves through about 480 degrees.

I will have to see if I can get on _another_ guided tour of the workshops ...
With a pocket tape recorder!  

(Also, no matter what happens at torques of 100000Nm - I don't believe even
 BTCC cars get within two orders of magnitude of this.)
 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club