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Re: Funky Voltage Reading from Climate Control

>Curiosity killed the cat....Satisfaction brought it back.

>In cold weather (generally below 20 degrees F) when I go to "Channel
>11" on the climate control for a voltage readout, the readout
>indicates a solid, unchanging 12.0v.  The gauge on the dash tells me
>that I am really at about
>13.5v and I do not appear to be draining the battery.  A recent trip
>of over 200 miles running the lights, seat heater, and defrost did
>not deteriorate the cranking power of the battery (restarted cold at
>4 degrees below zero....Vermont...go figure).  At some point, the
>reading comes back on the climate control....when the outside air is
>warmer or the car is sitting in traffic for awhile...and reads a
>normally fluctuating 13.4v to
>14.0v depending upon any number of variables.  Anyone else experience
>this...impending doom of some kind?  ....or just more Audi fun?

If you don't already have done so, turn of your fan while measuring
the cars voltage.

Since the fan get it's power from the control unit you will always get
some voltage drop while the fan is running. How much depends of the
fans powerdrain and how good or bad the wireing are.

John Torset
Amiga 4000