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RE: bypass valve presure openings

On this subject, anyone have anything good or bad to say about
using a blow-off valve rather than one of these apparently-problematic
(at above-stock boost levels) bypass valves? Seems like this would be
the way to go....



How are you, have not seen you on the list for a while.
In Nov. you had a post about bypass valve part No. do have any idea what is the opening pressure on the various part No.? 
At present time I am using the 102 valve, it does not hold enough boost, pops open at 9 PSI all the time, do you know if the expensive valve 101 can handle more pressure? 
In the meantime I have the connections reversed, turbo out goes to side outlet not across from the vacuum provision (as it should be), in this way the valve holds more boost....
Let me know...
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