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Advice needed: Preventative Maintenance for low mileage vehicle


  My recent change in jobs has resulted in an extreme change in commute.
I'm now getting to work by commuter rail, and my Audi sits in a parking lot
most of the day with it's Mon-Thur drive time being approximately 10-15
minutes per day and Fridays it usually doesn't move at all. My '92 100 is a
true low-mileage machine to begin with, currently at just under 34k miles,
and it's beginning to look like it will always be a low mileage vehicle. I
know that short trips, which do not heat up the cat enough, are extremely
hazardous to the exhaust system in general, but are there any other
concerns that I should be aware of, such as sensors, belts, seals, etc? I
hate to think that I'm beating on my Audi simply because I'm not driving
it, so I'd like to be able to perform some type of preventative maintenance
and try to keep it in top condition. Anyone feel like offering some advice
on this subject? I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks.

Sean Ford
IDX, Boston, MA
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 33k mi