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re: v8 alarm problem

You wrote:
<<However, it appears that the passenger side door is not functioning
properly in the alarm circuit. When opening the passenger side door with
the key, the alarm sounds until reset from the drivers side with the
door key. According to the owners manual, the alarm is supposed to be
disarmed when opening either the driver's or passenger's side door. Has
anybody experienced anything like this before??>>

The key turns a toothed halfcircle that activates the alarm arm/disarm switch.
The wheel must be indexed properly with the alarm switch, or you get your
problem.  The past owner probably fixed a broken lock mechanism and didn't get
it indexed correctly. (The toothed wheel has a 1/2 height tooth at the center
that must be matched with the alarm switch.)  You have to remove the door
inner panel to access this, and _may_ need to remove the frame holding the
window glass.

Al Powell has the procedure for accessing this on a 200 (same front door as
the v8)  Don't have his web page address handy...
HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com