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Re: Callaway Turbo kit

glen powell wrote:

> So far as I know New Dimensions in CA bought up all of the VW/Audi
> Callaway stuff. ND is at: www.newdimensions.com

Before we deluge ND with questions about bolt-on turbo kits, we had this
discussion in both May and October of last year.

Here are a couple of excerpts from email messages that I had in my

On Halloween, 1997 joe@newdimensions.com wrote:
> > In the quattro list, we speculate whether you still carry the
> > conversion kits for the Audi 4kq. You do show on your turbo site
> > that the Stage II turbo works for CIS-E cars, which is the injection
> > system for the 4kq, so I hope that this conversion can still be
> > done. Can you let us know? Also please tell us the specifics of the
> > conversion.
> I am sorry but we have no parts to turbo the older audi cars, best of 
> luck

On May 1, 1997 turbotim@newdimensions.com wrote:
> > Were there ever Callaway turbos for Audis, and if so,
> > do you guys own them?  There might be a market for 
> > a 4000q turbo kit, as well as a 80/90q, which would be
> > almost identical.
> He did have a kit for the 4000 CS Quattro. 
> 178 hp 181 ft. torque 0-60 7.6 seconds  1/4 mile 15.5 seconds 
> all with only 10 pds. of boost.
> We only bought the VW stuff and have a hard enough time keeping up 
> with the VW's so we do not have the time to do any Audi's. wish I 
> did.

Now, I did some inital looking into the possiblility of doing a bolt-on
conversion using just the exhaust manifold and turbo with some
additional fuel enrichment (black box style).

The conclusion that I came to was that w/o any sort of knock sensor, and
with the higher compression ratios of the N/A engines, you'd only be
able to run ~4-5 pounds of boost before temperatures and the threat of
detonation would start to cause you serious problems.

I decided that if it were to be done, a full MC motor transplant would
probably be the better solution.  I don't know of anybody, who once they
got a taste of a boosted engine, wouldn't want to turn the wick up just
"a little bit more."  On a converted engine, this is asking for trouble.

The MC motor itself is just better suited to use with a turbo with the
oil squirters for the pistons and the sodium filled exhaust valves.



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