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RE: wuz K40.... now I been saved!

Yes, yanking the handbrake delivers much less braking power
Vs the hydraulic 4-wheel brakes.

I use the handbrake in these situations because:

1) there is much less brake dive, this makes your rapid deceleration
    much less obvious from both a body-dive perspective as well as 
    from the obvious and sudden change in headlight aim

2) no brake lights - very important if you don't know if you have been
    shot from in front or from behind

I was reasonably sure I was shot from in front via laser, but, it is still a
trained automatic reaction to go for the handbrake, just like steering
into a skid and not clamping on the binders. Like Walter Rhorl says
of driving the Pro-Rally ur-q and I paraphrase from memory;
"If you've taken the time to think about it, it is already too late".


Sean said,
<...decrease the
amount of braking action that 4 wheel braking (vs. one wheel) would

Not sure which Audi Glen was driving, but my UrQ and 5000TQ both have 
dual rear wheel EBrakes

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