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RE: wuz K40.... now I been saved!

I didn't have time to ascertain if it was laser or radar, in front
or behind, I only had time to react. Because I check my mirrors
religiously I was ~99% sure that the tailgater would have
time & room to dodge me. Also, there are 2 travel lanes +
breakdown lane, all empty 'cept fer me & the 'gater, so he had 
plenty of  'exit' room. You have all good points though! 
(I was driving the 88 5KTQ)



    I'm confused, you received a laser warning and pulled *the handbrake*?
Whafor? Wouldn't pulling the handbrake sidestep the brake lights giving the
tailgater little to no reaction time to go around you and also decrease the
amount of braking action that 4 wheel braking (vs. one wheel) would
provide? Sounds like an awful risk to me.

Sean Ford