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Re: oe / posh plug wires

Hairy green toads from Mars made Graham Thackrah say:

> Another point to think about, is there any way to thread new performance leads
> through the plastic holder bolted to the valve cover that keeps oe leads all
> nice and neat and tidy. I was wondering cos I don't know how much a new set of
> leads is from the dealer. Some of the VW\Audi tuning or performance shops in the
> UK sell sets of five but do they come threaded through a holder? As far as i 
> can see the holder is not split.


On my 100Q, the loom snaps open and has little channels for each wire.
It is split, look carefully at the top edge.

It was about 2 minutes work to put the new wires in. Looks great,
keeps them out of the way.

BTW, for which wires, the Bosch were pretty good, but I swear by
the Blue Ignitors (from Rapid Parts). Cost was about $100, versus
about $80 for Bosch, versus $$$???$$$ from dealer. They're 5 years
old and run great. When I had a problem with one (monkey fingers
pulled a wire off a connector), Rapid Parts fixed them no charge
under the lifetwime warranty.


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