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roundabout sport

I have had a few lucky escapes round here with enthusiastic entries into 
roundabouts. One was coming up 60 ish on the A483 into Swansea when a car was
in front, I slowed and went round the roundabout sensibly (mpfgh) and lo and
behold there was a patrol car sitting just off the roundabout in the bushes.
They are a tempting form of performance testing bit of road but not as safe as
deserted country B roads.

Quattro content...

I was going to ask a question about correcting little slides in quattros. On the
way up to Bangor in the rain earlier this month I lost it in a big way round
a flat corner. I could see the exit clearly and didn't think I went in too hot
but I misjudged a fair bit. Anyway, as the car slid I didn't come off the gas 
suddenly only stopped pressing down more. I tried to correct with the steering
but there is a loss of feel around the straight ahead and I overcorrected. The 
car snaked for a few seconds and came back in. I was going to ask if I had the
centre diff locked then would the car have been more stable wrt a change from
under to oversteer which I _think_ is what happened? The other factor is the
odd tyres on the car, not only four diff models/makes but also three 185 and 
one 195, hence the recent post about suitable tyre fitments on 80q's.

Thanks in advance for the recommendations for a trip to a skid pan and/or race
schools, I did with my old fwd audi on an unofficial basis in the grass park at 
last years Goodwood f.o.s., just haven't got round to finding some wet grass 
with the quattro yet...


P.S. there was no other traffic anywhere near and the bit round the edge of the 
road was well open...